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When these books launched on Amazon in November, 2018, they came out at an unprecedented 926 (out of millions) and took first in several categories.

Read as one book or five short volumes as a continuing series of special walks. Church-Walk-on-the-Beach opens the door to an easy discussion about God and the higher spirit that's a fundamental part of all of us. A wonderfully inquisitive story that gives both children and adults a chance to explore their own spiritual path without pressure. As the grandparents and grandchildren bond, their eyes awaken to the world around them. A book for anyone who loves a child to read together — and is especially exciting for a new reader.



          Grandparents take their grandson (8) and granddaughter (10) for a special walk that turns into a day of easy discovery about God and the spiritual path that man seeks from the moment he's born. As their bonds grow stronger —  sharing relatable experiences and memories — both the children and grandparents find spiritual treasures on the beach and in the world around them.


             The day's exploration gives reassurance to each family member that the promise of divine spirit within is ours forever . . .all we have to do is "accept." And, as Grandmama says, “Being with God something we renew each day — that's our responsibility. Once we know how to talk to God, we get stronger. We are given powers even wizards would envy!”

*** And next in the two-book series!
  For upper middle-grade/young adults: 






Grandmama and Granddaddy have a continuing adventure with their 13-year-old twin granddaughters, Kaitlyn and Courtney . . . affectionately known as Kaitie & Coco.

The girls have hidden and played in their grandparents' walk-in closet all their lives — where something truly magical always happened.

And now, on the edge of adulthood, Kaitie and Coco are reminded of the magic they themselves have always possessed.

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