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     I am a storyteller – all writing must tell a story —

we owe it to the reader investing time in us.


As a producer, writer, publisher and editor . . . I’ve spent decades honing my talents.

Studying the craft of acting as part of my early foundation afforded me the opportunity to speak in front of large crowds with passion and direction. And, dealing in the world as an entrepreneur, as well as understanding the business and politics of a major studio and top cruise line (out-at-sea mind you), added generously to my business acume.

As a producer, I learned leadership without sacrificing creativity. And that creativity — without discipline — is definitely chaos. So, that's where we shine. 


But for me ... nothing ... was as demanding as being a wife, a mother, and productive resident of this good Earth.


As you will see . . . I deeply feel that it's important to have a writer's heart in desiring to capture all that experience.

And ... an editor's mind, with form and logic, guiding the dramatic journey. 


My speciality is knowing the entertainment industry; intimately and from every aspect . . . along with having a strong identification with the travel industry.

Also... I know life; I finally have a grasp on what works.


Beyond that ... passion is anything to do with "creating:" 

Building/Designing (which is what man is meant to do): In my case, homes or offices.

Gardening: The art form in the day-to-day of living. Surrounding the world around you with nature —no matter what your space.

Sports — Sailing, Skiing, Swimming: I've learned that joy — even in the face of pain — is one of the universal gifts of life.


Which brings us to life and living:  As a baby boomer I (and most of my peers), are defining this part of our lives — being side-lined is not an option. We all now have a strong foundation on which to build ..., and are called to contribute. With a lifetime of tools, we are investing in the world around us; committing to the expansion of our experiences; holding close to relationships; and nurturing our body — knowing that no one else can take care of it.

And, at the top of the list ... feeding one's spiritual "core" as it continues to grow. It is the glue that keeps it all together. Rain or shine.


Below you will writing samples from the past several years. This diverse selection successfully incorporates all of the varied writing styles and forms found in both in the digital world and in print.

All work is registered with the US Copyright Office.         Enjoy the Writing Samples below …