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 BEYOND FOREVER; We'll Meet Again

The story of a man and a woman with a love so strong

they're driven to find each other through several lifetimes.

BEYOND FOREVER; We'll Meet Again is a story about a man and a woman reuniting through four lifetimes--where piece by piece, the fabric of their enduring relationship is woven by the unique and life-changing experiences they share.


     The narrative follows their complex journey from the windswept, rugged island of Barbados to the sinking of the mighty ship Lusitania; the unparalleled experience of World War II in New York, Hawaii, California, Malta, and England; and, finally, into the new millennium.


     Through their saga, one truth becomes apparent: not only do relationships shape people's physical lives--they become vital lessons for the growth of one's spirit. It takes courage to fully love, but eventually the ultimate question must be faced:

What if this gift goes away? What's left?


     Throughout this incredible story, readers share the exhilarating joy and devastating hurt of both souls through their achievements, their failures, and their separation--ultimately realizing that each lifetime builds a powerful bridge where love can continue. Finally, through four dynamic and vastly different life experiences, the characters discover their greatest gift: by truly letting go of fear, nothing can stand in the way of being connected . . . forever and beyond.

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"Diane Robison has written a beautiful, romantic story that spans centuries and includes some of the most pivotal events of history. This novel is the perfect read for believers in the spiritual power of true love to endure through the ages, transcending time and space. Highly recommended — a haunting story that will stay with you always. "
Peter Colley, international playwright

                Peter Colley's plays are produced in 32 countries. His successful off-Broadway play, Cagney, celebrated over 500 performances — and will be moving to Broadway under the new title, Top of the World; The James Cagney Musical.

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